tisdag 24 februari 2009

finnish beats: Pan Sonic

A freezing groove by the fantastic finns, one of the few in electronic music who can be said to release truly original music.
Pan Sonic - Kesto - CD 2 - Track 06 (yousendit)
When they work up more beats per minute it's pure evil. Who will rap over this?

måndag 23 februari 2009

Hiphop is not dead...

... it's just that mainstream or big underground New York acts aren't dominating the scene like they did in the eighties and nineties. And full lenghts from Raekwon, Saigon and Cormega doesn't seem to be happening right at this moment.

Right at this moment, you need to check for rap music that makes you listen on repeat in other places.

BLVD ST is a good place to start, 'cause it's all about southern hiphop, new and classic. If you, like me, until quite recently only knew about the biggest Southern names like Geto Boys, Outkast, Goodie Mod, it's a mine of gold. If you don't know about rappers like 6 Two, or K-Rino, or Attitude, or Marcus - get familiar.

Two songs that are on repeat these days:
Playboy Tre - Bleachers.
Attitude & Jackie Chain - Money.

This talk with Pimp C here... one of the best interviews I have ever read.


If you can take the language barrier: Brazilian rap.

Go find something with Rappin Hood, Sabotagem, MV Bill, or the mighty Racionais MC's.

More has to be written about this at a later date.

söndag 15 februari 2009

Egyptian Lover besöker Malmö

"Some D.J.'s get a chance to become producers and some even recording artest. I have been one of those D.J.'s who did it all baby just like that. My time D.J.ing and traveling the world mixing for everyone who never knew I was a D.J. and finding out how good a D.J. I am is really cool to see them go wild. When I mix "Planet Rock" backwards they all go bizerk."

Egyptian Lover på Inkonst i Malmö!
Datum: 13/3 Tid: 23-03 Rum: Klubben Entré: 100:- (in-get förköp, kom i tid) Ålder: 20 år.
"I borrowed a few lines from other raps I wrote. It was so much fun in the studio I had to go back and record some more. I booked the time and grabbed my notebook of raps and went in to record my solo project "Beast Beats". My mother and sister read the title of my song and said "You better not make that song, don't play with the devil" So I went to the studio and changed my mind and programmed the beat to "Egypt Egypt" . I did not think this song was going to be a big hit, I just wanted a song to play at the dances I was D.J.ing at to say my name in it ( I was kinda vain)."
Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt (12'' Original Mix) (yousendit) - tillsammans med Numbers och Simulationszeitalter ett av de fetaste electro-spåren någonsin.

De dominerar uppenbarligen den svenska dubstep-scenen

All Out Dubstep på Inkonst i Malmö 31 januari... insåg åtminstone att dubstep kan vara mer än grötig, monoton drum n' bass med hälften så mycket snares. Riktigt bra.

Om det är All Out Dubstep-crewet som arrangerar så blir du inte besviken... rakt igenom proffesionellt... Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö, även Köpenhamn och andra ställen...

Fick med mig en mycket fin promo-cd. Ladda ner den mixen och annat här.

måndag 9 februari 2009

So Inagawa - Bake (trimsound.co.uk)

"Japanese artist So Inagawa has a very distinctive style, combining the clicky minimal side of house with melodic bass lines and synths. The release is packed full of catchy little hooks that are bound to get those booties shakin' and keep those feet tapping."

Smart move, dels eftersom straight upp sånt där click-house, Milles Plateaux-bögande bara är kass - det behövs varma synthar och funky bass för att det ska funka - och dels för att minimal house ibland är väl minimal även stilmässigt. Genren kan behöva lita påfyllning.

Tanka upp med So Inagawas Bake.

DMX Krew / Cylob / Ceephax live sets

DMX Krew and Cylob live sets... that's a very good thing.

Of course, it's all about supreme taste in electronic funk and acid. They know which classics you prefer better than yourself, plus they give you the news, in a tight, hot package.

Check here first. Then check this out.

Now it's time for Ceephax Acid Crew live sets (click here and go to bottom of page). Be sure to stop by his homepage which has won many prestigious design awards.