fredag 10 april 2009

Norbergfestival 2009 is OK

- C64-trickster Goto80 is the only one that looks familiar at a first glance... But I dug beneath the surface, and I'm digging what I found:

- SKAM-artist Ola Bergman

- UK techno legends B12

- If Milanese gets "more than OK'd" by known dubstep-hater Altemark, he has to be doing a good job at beating the most out of the genre.

- "There is little known about Syntheme, who keeps very discreet; but rumours circulate of the origins of her work, and whispers of collaborations with Global Goon and Aphex Twin refuse to disappear."

- The DJ Producer: almost-gabber if I remember correctly... should be interesting at least.

We'll meet there...!!!

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