söndag 26 april 2009

Playboy Tre - Liquor Store Mascot

Listening to this, it's no longer relevant to talk about "southern rap", as if it was a separate entity. This tape, like much other rap from the Southern states, transcends stereotypes and expectations. In a way it reminds me of Jay-Z, both the beats and the raps, except that I'd much rather listen to Playboy Tre. Ultramagnetic to the microphone, he got truckloads of charisma.

Other rap these days:

Max Minelli - Backpack Dreams & Hip Hop Wishes. Another southern over-achiever lays down technical raps over carefully selected slices of classic NY-boom bap. That's a recipe for success.

And these days, when the weather is warm you have to listen to some svenska klassiker:

Ken - Underjorden

Ken - Situation STHLM

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