måndag 4 maj 2009

Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop (official video)

Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop (official video)

This is nuts. No idea they had videos (alright, in lowest-fi quality but whatever).

The Dungeon Family of the seventies, but a hundred times more ground breaking. The Stooges teaming up with Sun Ra. Yeah, they seem to be making quite a scene running around in New York in priest robes, face paint, wolf masks and diapers. Quite a crowd seems to be forming around them.

A friend who grew up in Detroit saw them perform on some random TV show right when they were getting big (somewhere around 1970 I'm guessing). He was around 12 and said it was like the martians had landed. And the music: african jungle grit, dirty delta blues burned out in urban feedback terror, all wrapped up in some pulsating ghetto spaceship funk. They really had something going on, I mean they're were more than just standing on the verge of getting it on.

Here's that great article about the greatest groups of all time that you probably missed last time.

And if you're smoking good, please get this over here.

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove

Funkadelic - Whole Lotta BS

Funkadelic - Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

(Funk is its own reward.)

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