tisdag 9 juni 2009

Learn about Paul C

Traveling at the Speed of Thought: an incredibly well written article about old school maestro Paul C, the man who taught Large Professor everything he needed to become the producer he is today, and he also supplied the musical brainpower needed to make Critical Beatdown a classic. Why is Give The Drummer Some one of the funkiest tracks ever? Because of Paul C.

Together with other genius innovators such as Kurtis Mantronik and The 45 King, he is a half-forgotten (extra obscure perhaps "because he preferred to work without contracts", and so mostly "did not receive credit for his production") master architect of this rap music thing. These people were the Premiers and Pete Rocks of their generation.
"Paul C panned the record, then he just flipped out on the programming. It was crazy.” Extra P says, “It was crazy” three more times and grimaces like it’s so good, it’s McNasty.

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