måndag 1 juni 2009

The Masters / The Mastas

Is it just me, or does B-Real just get better with time? Making music with La Coka Nostra must have made him sharpen his swords. The Chef sounds hungry, so they blend together nicely, just like Wu and Cypress did on Temple Of Boom (which in my opinion still ranks among the most solid rap albums ever).
Raekwon feat. B-Real - The Masters

Cypress Hill feat. RZA & U-God - Killa Hill Niggaz (prod. by RZA)
And here is my favorite track from Freddie Foxxx's underground classic Industry Shakedown (and some bonus collabos).
Freddie Foxxx feat. M.O.P. - The Mastas

Freddie Foxxx feat. 2pac - Killa

Freddie Foxxx feat. Kool G Rap - Cook A Niggaz Ass

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